Would u like to know everything about our love….ask me anything you feel like doing to you….hold me and I will hold you with trueth.. just be happy coz loving u is all for trueth. Let’s go for a dance everything is gona be a clue,..wherever u are lonely make sure u look at my photo and believe it’s gonna be true,,,. I may not be perfect but when you are around I will be with you…for the first and last only you…. Listen to me and always obey my orders coz am gonna give you good news when am with you,,,


Am not that perfect to write the real thing about me but I must try to make it look very sexy ….I want everyone to know that beyond everything bad started good…I wish I was a great writer ..coz this career flows into my blood vessels just like shit….I am the guy who always believe in reality …not faked personality….I wish I would be one of the best writers ever seen in the universe… writing makes me fresh and show me my ability …. about what i hold in my brain… thanks u for reaching this post plz just wait for my new post very soon

Don’t be afraid to try

I was challenged, I still am. I have all my body parts and mind infact yet there is so much that i can not do; so much i have never dared to attempt; and so much that i have attempted but failed.
Not because i could not but because i did not put my heart to it and probably because i did not believe in myself enough.I am not alone, there are millions of people in the world who will never know what they could be because they have never tried …
Millions of people who want to live a better life yet they do not try ..millions of people who cannot bring themselves. To summon enough strength to make a different in there lives and that of others…
Without a doubt, they were right when they said that the mind is only a limitation that one has to a achieve their dreams….